My first exhibitions in New York City were in the mid-70s at AIR Gallery, the radical and still successful gallery started by a group of women artists in 1972. Located in the then newly founded Soho it was a unique experiment providing an exhibition space for women artists during a time in which the works shown at commercial galleries were almost exclusively by male artists. AIR Gallery received support for its wide variety of programs from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts which made it possible not only to bring the work of women members of the Gallery to the public but also to devote time and space to a wide range of women’s art in this country and abroad. I first met Louise Bourgeois at AIR. She and some members of AIR formed the Guerilla Girls who, through public actions, created a great deal of publicity, bringing the lack of women’s art shown in galleries and museums an important and urgent cause.